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Who we are and what we provide

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The pain and discomfort experienced in your feet and ankles can be uncomfortable and debilitating.
We are a team of highly trained and experienced consultant Podiatric Surgeons specialising in the care of lower limb, foot and ankle problems. 
We aim to enable you to keep doing the things you really want to, by elevating your pain and enabling you to regain the use and mobility of your feet and ankles.

The Norwich Podiatry Clinic provides patients quick direct access for consultations to diagnose and treat your foot and ankle problems.

Booking is easy, simply either call or email our dedicated booking team, or ask your GP to refer you to the Norwich Podiatry Group at The Global Clinic.  If you prefer you can ask to see a specific surgeon. 

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We can provide all the necessary diagnostic tests (MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound) to help us to provide you with the best diagnostic and treatment services.  

Before undertaking surgery, we will ensure all conservative (non-surgical) treatment options have been considered, such as altering activity levels, physiotherapy, using painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, changing footwear, using an insole or orthotic foot support or painkilling injection therapy.



If surgery is clearly necessary following your initial consultation, your surgeon can arrange and perform your surgical treatment. 

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Below are five common conditions we often treat:

1.    Hallux valgus (Bunions)
2.    Hallux rigidus (Stiff Big Toe)
3.    Toe deformities (Hammer Toe – Claw Toe – Mallet Toe)
4.    Morton’s neuroma 
5.    Ingrown toenails

Booking is easy, simply either call or email our dedicated booking team, or ask your GP to refer you to the Norwich Podiatry Group at The Global Clinic.  If you prefer you can ask to see a specific surgeon. 

Meet the team

Mr Chris Withey

Since graduating in 2001, Mr Chris Withey has worked in the NHS specialising in Podiatric Surgery (foot surgery). 

After completing specialist training at Queen Margaret University Edinburgh and Glasgow Caledonian University, he was awarded his fellowship in Podiatric Surgery from The Royal College of Podiatry (FRCPodS) in 2013. Later gaining his completion certificate in Podiatric Surgical training (2015), Mr Withey has worked as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon within the NHS and private sector. Mr Withey's NHS practice consists of managing his own caseload of complex diabetic foot surgery and elective foot surgery, as part of the Orthopaedic team. He works across two NHS trusts, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn NHS Foundation Trust and East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust providing specialist treatment. 

Alongside his busy NHS practice, Mr Withey runs a private practice enabling patient’s quick direct access for consultations and surgery. 

Mr Withey has lectured at many national conferences on various foot conditions and has published his preferred surgical technique for the treatment of mid-foot osteoarthritis in the leading international foot journal, “Foot and Ankle Surgery.”

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Mr Chandra Pasapula

Mr Chandra Pasapula is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon.

Mr Pasapula qualified as a doctor from St Thomas’ Hospital, London in 1996. He always had an interest in surgery doing a surgery rotation at the Kings Hospital training programme in London followed by the Oxford Training Programmes in Trauma and Orthopaedics. He continued his interest in lower limb, foot and ankle surgery, in particular during fellowship programmes in foot and ankle surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital at Cambridge and The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital at Stanmore and Oxford, followed by a visiting fellowship in Europe.

He has published in several areas of general orthopaedic surgery, knee surgery and foot and ankle surgery. He continues to publish and has also written chapters in medical textbooks.

Mr Pasapula has been in the consultant post at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn since 2007, where he has developed a foot and ankle service including neurological feet, flat feet, and forefoot surgery and diabetic feet. He continues to practice in hip and knee surgery.

In addition to foot and ankle surgery he also performs adult arthroplasty of the hip, knee replacements and general trauma surgery.


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