Spinal Group



Who we are and what we provide

We are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals specialising in the care of all spinal problems, comprising of:.

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  • three consultant spinal surgeons
  • a pain consultant
  • a consultant musculoskeletal radiologist
  • a consultant neurophysiologist
  • specialist spinal and spinal sports injury physiotherapists 
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Our commitment is to working together delivering integrated pathways to ensure the best outcomes for all our patients.

Spinal pain and pain from nerve compression in the spine is common. Most back pain however does not require spinal surgery and patients receive the best care when they are treated by a multidisciplinary team – we specialise in this multidisciplinary approach.

We can provide all the necessary diagnostic tests(MRI, X-RAY, Ultrasound and Nerve Conduction Studies) to help us to provide you the best diagnostic and treatment services.  

Booking is easy, simply either call or email our dedicated booking team, or ask your GP to refer you to the Norwich Spinal Group at the Global Clinic.  If you prefer you can ask to see a specific surgeon. 



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Once we have all the information we need, we will see you for a follow-up appointment to discuss the treatment of your spinal problem. If it is appropriate, we can refer you for specialist pain management treatment (medication or spinal injections) or spinal physiotherapy. If these are not effective or if spinal surgery is clearly necessary following your initial consultation, your surgeon can arrange and perform your surgical treatment. 

With our patients’ consent, we enter data onto the British Spinal Registry for all who have had an operation. We aim to make sure that the treatments we provide are as safe and effective as possible.


Dr Julian Blake

Dr Blake is a senior Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at both the Norfolk and Norwich and Queens Square Hospitals. Dr Blake undertakes a full range of neurological diagnostic techniques, the majority being the investigation of epilepsy with electroencephalography (EEG) and peripheral nerve diseases with the use of nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG).  Dr Blake has a special interest in genetic and inflammatory peripheral nerve diseases.

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Mr Andrew Cook

Dr Cook is a Consultant  Spinal Surgeon and has undertaken specialist fellowships in Cambridge and Brisbane (Australia). Dr Cooks practice covers all aspects of spinal surgery including cervical, thoracic and lumbar disc disease, adult and paediatric scoliosis, trauma and tumour reconstruction and has a special interest in deformity surgery and minimally invasive techniques. 

Dr Ravi Kare

Dr Kare is a Consultant in Pain Management and Anaesthetics at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Dr Kare specialise in pain management with a specific interest in multidisciplinary support with medication optimisation, interventional pain management, advanced radiofrequency ablation therapies, facial pain and neuromodulation. Dr Kare uses ultrasound guided and targeted treatments to help patients with short term and long term pain issues. 

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Mr Lennel Lutchman

Mr Lutchman has been a Consultant Spinal Surgeon at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital since 2006. Mr Lutchman undertook a specialist fellowship in Brisbane (Australia) and continues to undertake research. Mr Lutchman specialises in the treatment of degenerative conditions of the spine including cervical (neck) and lumbar (back) disc herniations and spinal stenosis. Mr Lutchman also treat patients with secondary spinal tumours, spinal column infection and patients with spinal fractures and spinal cord injury. Mr Lutchman also treat adults and children with spinal deformities (scoliosis and kyphosis). 

Dr Tom Marshall

Dr Marshall has been a Consultant Musculo-Skeletal Radiologist at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital since 1997. Dr Marshall undertook specialist fellowships in Oxford and Perth (Australia). Dr Marshall established a regional spinal interventional service in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, which is now one of the busiest centres for minimally invasive spinal procedures which include vertebroplasty, balloon kyphoplasty and thermal ablation of benign and malignant tumours. Dr Marshall has a particular interest in sports related injury and spinal imaging and interventions.

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Mr George Nadakavukaran

Mr Nadakavukaran is an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist working alongside the Spinal and Orthopaedic surgeons, Pain specialists and Rheumatologists at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. Mr Nadakavukaran has over 10 years experience as an advanced spinal physiotherapist and is part of the University of East Anglia faculty and lectures to medical students.


How to contact us


Call us on 0330 127 3229 or email info@global-clinic.org.uk
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